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Kate Bosworth Icon Challenge
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A challenge community for non-animated Kate Bosworth icons.
Welcome to bosworth_stills, a challenge community for non-animated Kate Bosworth icons. New challenges will run weekly unless otherwise stated. Feel free to join and participate. Details below.

Schedule (World Clock)

~ FRIDAY: New challenge posted
~ THURSDAY: Deadline for submitting entries to the above
~ FRIDAY: Voting posted for current challenge
~ MONDAY: Winners from the previous challenge announced

*The above is subject to change, but will stay consistent unless otherwise noted.


- You must be a member to submit icons. JOIN.
- Submit your icons in a comment to the challenge post. Comments will be screened.
- You may only use the images provided in each week's challenges for your icon(s).
- You may not post your submitted icon(s) anywhere else on the web until the challenge is over.
- Submissions must remain respectful towards the subject, ie. Kate.
- Icons must meet the Livejournal standards of 40kb & 100x100px in size and only JPG, GIF or PNG in format.
- No animated icons allowed. All other effects are fine.
- Have your entries in by the deadline and submit your icons in the following format, ie. IMG SRC and URL:


*Any submissions that do not meet the above criteria will be disqualified.


- Voting will take place from FRI-SUN.
- Please vote in the specified post. All votes are screened.
- You may only vote once. Anonymous votes will not count.
- Don't ask others to vote for your icon. Keep it fair.

Banners: If your icon places, you may request a banner in the Winners post.

Affiliates: Have a community and would like to affiliate? Details here.

Feel free to use the following graphics to link back to/promote the community, but please upload them to your own server:

This community was inspired by quebelly.
Want to make your own stillness community? Learn more at mod_stillness.
Layout codes by street_of_mercy.